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1/8 Inch Elastic

This 3/8 inch elastic band is a great homemade elastic band for about 18 inches wide and has a weascade rating of 200 yards. It is made from a braided, flat-knit fabric that is about 1 inch in width. It is also in good condition with no wear. This band is a great option for a diy mask as it is comfortable and easy to use.

1/8 Inch Trim

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1/8 Inch Black Elastic

This is a 1/8 inch black elastic cord with a 3mm round hole. It is 10 yards of elastic cord and is made in the usa. It is color black and has a white or black cord look. It is 18 inches long and 3mm round. this 8 inch elastic key's description is for paracord 8inch. Org 18 x 25 us made shock cord - black elastic cable. This cord is made out of high-quality elasticity for those who want to be able togc- compatible! When using this cord, be sure to have a piece of paper with your key's key number on it so you can add it to your technical support team. these are elastic trim 18 316 14 516 38 12inch blackwhite for sewing. They are braided and have a stylish knot in the middle. These elastic strips are ideal for turning a-knots or oslo cups. this elastic band is made of 18 inch elastic cord and is made to be used with a face mask. It is designed to keep your face clean and protected.