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1/8 Inch Spacer

Burgtec 1-18 inch headset stem spacer kit - purple rain is a great choice for those looking for a baby boys helmet. It is made of durable plastic and has a sleek design. The spacer is available in a variety of colors and is perfect for improving blood flow and keeping headsets in check.

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These spacers are 2. 8 inch wide and 2. 0 inch high. They are made ofuminum and fit the following mercury -Spare wheel spacers these spacers are 2. They are made of aluminum and fit the following mercury -Spare wheel spacers This is a 2pcs, 3mm, 18 inch hubcentric flat wheel spacers. You can use them to move your wheel an extra 5x4. 5 mm to provide better clearance between the hub and thespacer. Made of plastic, these spacers are easy to clean and are also 2022+ compatible. The burgtec 1-18 inch headband stem spacer kit is a great way to increase your bike's size without having to remove the headband. This kit comes with a headband stem spacer, a set of screws, and a washer. It is perfect for bike models with a between the headband and the stem, or when you need to add a small amount of space between the headband and the stem. this spacer is designed to stop the chain from hitting your tire. It is 18 inches long and is made of 80cc motorized bike part spacer material.